Monday, May 4, 2015

Pinterest in the Classroom: Reflection on Classical Music 4th Grade Project

Pinterest is great to use in the classroom! You can find hundreds of lesson plan that could give you easy ideas on how/what to teach your students. People post project ideas that you can incorporate into your own lesson plans. Pinterest is an awesome tool for teachers, because you can take other peoples ideas and turn them into your own. Pinterest makes learning fun for teachers and the students!

This link is a project that I created by combining ideas on Pinterest and some ideas of my own together. I completed this assignment for my Education Technology class, but when I become a teacher someday I would love to incorporate this lesson for the students. I learned a lot about music and what it can bring to your mind when you listen to the composure's Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Berlioz. I am interested to see what students would come up with when they listen to these amazing artists. Reflection on Classical Music 4th Grade Project

This project should take about 3-4 days. For the first two days, the students will listen to Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Berlioz and express in pictures and words what they have heard. They will present their drawings and reflection of the pieces to the class on the third or fourth day.

For this project I chose Beethoven Symphony 5, Mozart Sonata in C Major, Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique Movement 4, and Vivaldi The Four Seasons Spring. You do not have to use these examples. Feel free to use your own!

Day One:
1) The teacher will provide four blank sheets of paper to the students. Each piece of paper will have the title and the composure's name written on the top.

2) The student will draw pictures of each piece of whatever comes to mind as they listen. 

3) The students will incorporate their favorite picture onto a 1/4 size piece of paper to put into their CD case.  They will come up with their own title.

Teacher the Night Before:
Burn the 4 songs onto CD Disks for the students to keep when the project is done.

Day 2: 
1) The teacher will provide four listening worksheets for the students to complete as they listen to each piece. Each paper should have the composure and the title written at the top.

2) Example Sheet of what I wrote as I listened to Vivaldi's The Four Seasons Spring.

3) The students will create a book and come up with their own title (It's like a pamphlet you would see in a CD case).

4) The students are to incorporate what they wrote down as they listened to the songs into the book in complete sentences. 

5) The teacher will then pass out the CDs she burned for the students. The students will write the title and their name onto the disk and put their book into the case as well.

Day 3 (Possibly 4):
The students will present their project to the class! 

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